Vegan Lunch Menu: 3.3.14

Monday: Thai Roasted Couscous

This meal can be made ahead of time so once Monday rolls around you will not have to worry about what is for lunch. Find more photos at this post.

Tuesday: Herb Pistachio Falafel

If you are trying to avoid carbs like most people these days you will love herb pistachio falafels. They are rolled up in lettuce to add a nice crunch to the meal. Find more photos and the recipe here.

Wednesday: Detox Tabbouleh

Made with cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley and cilantro, along with a homemade dressing. You will feel light yet full after this meal. Check out the my original post here.

Thursday: Avocado & Black Bean Tortas

When you want a sandwich for lunch grab this one. Williams Sonoma actually have a lot of great recipes on their site. Check out more here from my other post.

Friday: Veggie Gyro

It’s the end of the week so forget the salad. Hope you enjoy this veggie gyro that is absolutely delicious. Find more photos and my original post here.

Saturday: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

One of my favorite meals to make. I think you will like them too. Plus you can add other toppings such as fresh homemade pico de gallo. Find more photos at my post here.

Sunday: Mexicali Chop Salad

Any kind of mexican or southwestern salad is always a good idea for lunch to me. Customize this salad to make it your own. Find the recipe here.

Hope you enjoy all these tasty vegan lunch recipes. Remember many recipes can be made the night before so you can get out the door faster in the morning.

Let me know in the comments below which lunch idea is your favorite.

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